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A Trade Example for the Next Week: (for practice purposes only, not investment advice) Posted 10/13/13.


(Each Sunday evening I will put up another virtual practice trade example so check back each week. Also, make sure and follow the blog link at the bottom of this page for the $15,000 dollar free money experiment)

This weeks practice trade is a nice neutral to bullish trade in CCL (Carnival Cruise line).   As you can see by the chart, CCL has been rolling down for some time and finally seems to have found a possible new level of support and had started to rebound. Both the MACD and Stochastic are turning up. This trade is a naked put which will make money as long as CCL stays above 30 over the next 32 days. See the trade chart below.

 Here is the trade and the entry mechanics:

Sell to Open 10 contracts of the Nov. 30 strike puts. Do this as seen above. It will require margin of $4,513.56.  The premium received should be at least $.25 cents (Limit sell order of $.25) minus a $10 dollar commission equals $240 dollar net credit. That equals a 5.3% return potential in 32 days. (63 % annualized potential !) The stop loss on this trade would have us exiting this position if the credit we received on the trade ($.25) rose. In other words we sold these options for $250 dollars with the goal of them expiring worthless. I would let them rise in value to $330. So we are risking approx. $80 dollars to make $250 (about a 3 to 1 profit to risk ratio)  This is an above average trade with an 82% probability of success trade based on the delta reading and your standard deviation calculator that you should be using on all your trades. (remember to exit trades you simply reverse what you did to get in. In this case we sold puts so your stop loss to exit this trade would buy those puts back at the specified value)

(Remember all trades are educational examples and not investment recommendations and should not be considered financial advice/council)

(All margin requirements/commission costs are calculated with Options house brokerage figures using portfolio or risk based margin rules)

Remember to do your own due diligence on all your trades.  We do not give investment advice. If you haven't reviewed my risk disclosure yet make sure you download it here

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-Option Strategies guide: Download here (use guide to practice your virtual trades)

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-We also want you to start practicing the collar trade right away. A detailed view of it here. This is another example right here. Finally, here is an audio guide and video clip to help.

-Use this matrix to analyze appropriate strategies for market conditions here

-You need to understand Options Greeks. Download this guide here


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 The covered call trade is one of the most straight forward trades that a lot of students start with. I use a calculator that I find indispensable for building these trades. Check it out here.



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